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January through April 1998 Volume 2 Number 1

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    Updated April 8, 1998

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What's Behind the Mideast Crisis?
by Melvin Rhodes
The Bible's prophecies have focused on problems in the Middle East. How will current tensions in this part of the world affect us?
Posted April 11, 1998

Belief in God is a Choice We Must Make
by Cecil Maranville
What holds us back from Believing? Could it be some responsibility we have to face?
Posted April 9, 1998

Lessons from Jonesboro
by Bill Jacobs
In the aftermath of the Jonesoboro, Arkansas children's massacre we are confronted with the WHY questions. Here are some answers to what went went wrong with relationships...and what we can do to build proper ones.
Posted April 3, 1998

Meaningful Hope for Christians with Chronic Illnesses
by Cecil Maranville
What does it mean when you suffer from a long-standing sickness? The Psalmist was there....and gives insight that can help us cope.
Posted April 8, 1998

Shauna's Miracle
by Karen Summey
A true story of an encouraging miracle God performed for a 15-year-old and her friends.
Posted April 8, 1998

"Please Lord, Save Me From Your Followers"
by Lorelei Nettles
Have you ever wondered what kind of bumper stickers YOUR example may inspire?
Posted February 7, 1998

The Real Tragedy Behind "Anastasia"
by Melvin Rhodes
Could the seeds of this calamity in the early part of this century haunt us in the new millenium just around the corner?
Posted January 28, 1998


March 1998

Absolute Trust

M any parents have experienced the absolute trust of their youngsters.

You probably recall times you have placed a son or daughter on a table or set of steps and told them to jump into your arms. There is not a hesitation, or any doubt in their minds that you will catch them.

When flashes of lightning brighten a dark night sky and the crash of thunder wakens our children, how soon is it before they rush into Daddy and Mummy's bed for comfort? Somehow, nearness to us takes away any danger.

That is the kind of faith we probably experienced in the initial stages of our Christian "first love". Hopefully we can retain it too!

I remember as a university student rushing for a train to get to sabbath services in London, England, and due to some unexpected complication being ten minutes late. While my feet pounded the tarmac pavements toward the station, I would pray that God would hold back the train for me to catch it. He never failed to enable me to get to Church services in time. Delays due to fog, strikes, and just plain train tardiness 'just happened to occur' on the day I was late.

My wife recently pointed out a very valuable lesson the disciples learnt while sailing on the Sea of Galilee. Actually they were 'wailing' on the Sea of Galilee. Wailing because everything around them seemed to be signalling their impending drowning.

Check out Mark 4:35-41. While the boat tossed to and fro, lurching sideways and shipping water, Jesus Christ was sleeping. Christ's comments to the disciples after they complained He didn't care, showed they lacked faith and were fearful.

Could it be that they actually believed they and our Saviour would die before His prophesied ministry would be completed?

Squalls on the Sea of Galilee could turn very nasty very quickly.

Jesus' calming of the sea occurs just before a man with 2000 demons is calmed. Those demons caused pigs to drown in the sea. Perhaps this indicates demon influence in the sudden storm to drown them. After all, Satan has some control over the weather, shown in the loss of some of Job's children by a violent wind (Job 1:18-19).

We in God's church are experiencing stormy weather. No doubt Satan is stirring wherever he can. But Jesus Christ will not let us drown. There is far to much still to be done. Let's continue to show faith in our Father looking after us, and in our Brother, the head of the Church who now has no need for sleep!

Remember how trusting our children are towards us. How much more should we be towards the Great Father God.

Peter Hawkins

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