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"Please Lord, Save Me From Your Followers"

July 26, 1998

We can't make assumptions about people based on bumper stickers.  This individual may have his or her own affiliation and beliefs, and the bumper sticker may only be an expression of their desire to keep those so-called christians at bay, just as you and your neighbors tried to do in your own way.  We have all be exposed to those peddling their religious beliefs door-to-door.  I would want to be "saved" from them as well.


Shauna's Miracle

April 8, 1998

Thanks for such an inspiring example for all of us who regularly check out your web-page on the net. I KNOW that God does hear and answer our prayers. He has intervened for us several times in our lives. I am so glad Shauna got to enjoy the weekend with all the other teenagers from her area. These things are very important in the lives of our kids. Thanks for having this website for us. I really do appreciate it.

G. Williamson from the K.C. Church.

Lessons of Jonesboro --helping our children express their feelings

April 7, 1998

What a very inciteful article on communicating with our children. Would like to see more such articles on your page, as they open our eyes to important areas in which we can grow to be more Chirst like.


April 6, 1998

It's a very good article that I think all parents should read. As parents we need to reassess our behaviour and attitude towards our children now and then. This article is very beneficial for the purpose.

Rosalind Yong

"Please Lord, Save Me From Your Followers"

March 24, 1998

I have a serious concern about the Bumper Sticker Article in a recent issue of VCM (which is the first VCM I have read). The writer asked: "..was I turning people from God instead of leading them to him?" Does VCM support the concept of leading people to God, or of God calling people and them responding to that call?

While I wholeheartedly agree that our daily example is of utmost importance and that we are to be living examples of the Kingdom of God, I do not see that is is our responsibility to lead people to him. If God is calling a person and He chooses to use an individual as the means of introduction to His Church and His Way of Life, that person will see the example and inquire about it. It is then our responsibility to give answer for the hope that lies within. (Of course, others will notice our example and inquire as well, so it is imperative that our guard is always up and we are on "our best behavior".)

God scatters His seed, and some if not most, does not fall on fertile soil. We are not about "bringing people to Christ" and this is not the only day of salvation. We are not fighting a war for souls against Satan -- God wins and everyone has an opportunity to be a part of God's Kingdom.

The reason for our example is to glorify God in all we do, not to put on a show for those around us.

Ed note: No, we do not believe that people convert other people. Only God can change the heart and grant conversion. He causes the growth in those who are called. We strongly believe that our actions as Christians affect the process, though. I belive that the example set at home affects our children and their values. I belive that we can "win over" a mate as it is written in I Peter 3. The point of the article should not be taken beyond what is written. It is assumed that the Father calls as Christ stated in John 6:44. Our job is to be helpers of that process. We can expedite it or inhibit it. I have seen people, including ministers, cause offence precipitate them to leave the fellowship they were in. Were those offended being worked with by God? Only God really knows, but I do know that some people who are converted came to understand the the Truth through associations they had with those in whom God's Spirit was working.

The Universe is for Man

December 20, 1997

I appreciate the article as written and most importantly the truth behind the message. Many, many times I have looked into the heavens, at night, for solace during trying times (personal life or family, problems in the church, problems in the world, etc.) and gained comfort with what I saw there and what I did not see.

What I saw was the hand of God and his work.

What I did not see, was the petty worries that mankind concerns himself with, what I concern myself with at times. I wish that ministers would focus more on this truth, the unknown and what is in store and less on the politics of the moment.

Thanks again for the article and it's uplifting message to all of us.


Marcus Brown
Cypress, California

The Languages of the Bible

September 18, 1997

Thanks for the article in VCM from Mark Kaplan. It is a good snapshot. This article may help some who are inquiring about 'sacred names' if they have an open mind. Ah, that is the question. Where do you find a mind open to truth and prepared by God? We search for them don't we. Keep your site alive and well my friend.

Chuck Z.

Diana--the World's Princess

September 17, 1997

Most touching article. I'm glad there are some people that don't think the public outpouring of grief from around the world is just a bunch of bunk. I've watched Diana from the beginning and considered her an admirable and beautiful woman a few years younger than myself. She was able to make a a good and big impression even though she was not happy. May I be able to do something similar in my life.

Linda Roth

July 19, 1997

I would like to say that your magazine is very informative as well as uplifting. I try to go to your page at least once a week to see what else you have published. I have shared your articles with people at church and with my neighbors. They all enjoy the articles very much and always look forward to what is new coming off your site. As far as I am concered keep up the good work.

Michael Verner
Lewisville, Texas

July 19, 1997

Dear VCM,

WOW!!! I've been missing quite a bit by not accessing you sooner. My family and I will definately be viewing you monthly and pulling up the back issues. I've even learned how to save articles on a floppy to access when the net is down. Thanks for all your hard work. I'll be sure to encourage others to view you.

Kathleen Ekama
Paris, Ohio

Making Peace with your Mother-in-law

Thank you for the article about mother in-law problems. I have been married over ten years and it has not gotten any better. In fact the longer we are married the worse it is.

My mother in law had the audacity to tell me that she hoped that her younger son would marry someone more to their standards than I am. She has no relationship with my children only with the child of her other son, who was born one month after he was married. She spends all her free time with them. I have finally come to the conclusion that I will never be good enough so I just stay away from her. I didn't do enough to please her. Thank you for letting me vent. Any further suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Attitude is Everything

I found a great use for the articles in VCM.

One morning I came across the article "Attitude is Everything", and I thought it might be of interest to the people at the office. I put the article on a disk, and placed it on the office e-mail system.

I tend to get in earlier than most, and as people started to arrive and pull down their messages, the responses started coming back to me. Needless to say the article was a big hit. The owner of my company greeted it with a smile and compliment, and I learned later that he ran a copy off, and I'm sure he'll use it in a presentation of his own some time.

Your articles are a great way to reach people. Keep them coming.

Leonard Cacchio
Kansas City

I just had the occasion to stumble across your new online magazine. I am impressed with the professional appearance and outstanding content. I will pass the word around about this great resource.

Lou Ball

I just wanted to take the time to tell you that I have spent a good bit of time this past week reading the Virtual Christian Magazine. I have found it to be quite enjoyable. I was surprised when I first saw it, and have been pleased with what I have seen. Actually, I would have to say that I have been impressed with the Portland home page as a whole. It reflects a lot of work, and shows an effort to take advantage of a great opportunity for service and education. Keep up the good work!


Becky Swope
Cleveland, OH

What I have seen and read of your "zine" it is very impressive and well constructed. Keep up the good work.


I have printed off most of the articles in VCM and passed them to a co-worker who has a Christian background--she has really enjoyed them since they aren't "preachy". I think they are good since they are short and of immediate interest to many.

Larry G. Hardison


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