August 6-8, 2004
Indianapolis, Indiana

The Peinerosa is a signature event of the Lafayette, Indiana United Church of God and has been held five times at the residence of elder Tom Peine and his wife Sue who open their estate for the entire church and guests. This year we held our most enjoyable and profitable Peinerosa starting with campers coming in Friday afternoon.  Friday night we held a Bible Study about Prayer and had lots of interactive comments and prayer requests. On the Sabbath we held services with about 60 in attendance.  We enjoyed lots of food in the beautiful outdoors with perfect weather. 

On Saturday night the McClures organized an elaborate scavenger hunt.  On Sunday there were water activities at the lake below the Peine's home along with other activities plus lots of fellowship and time together as brethren. 


Bev Kubik at Bible Study Friday Night

Michelle Grovak

Anthony Reisdorf visiting from Columbus, Ohio

Attentive listening

Crystal Lockhart and Aimee Zahora

Arielle Falardeau

Kate Washburn

One of our cooks Bill Ennis and Bev


Mike and Alix Kubik

Mike Grovak and Joel Falardeau

Lots of fun with a parachute

Explaining the intricacies of the scavenger hunt

Searching for clues in the hunt

Arduous searching by the Rowlands

About to receive awards

The winners are announced

Gerry Russell

Gerry and Linda Russell


Water activities

Hit Counter


Crystal Lockhart


Grace Rothenbacher

Don Turgeon leading songs

The Jason Crane family

Chris Rowland with inspiring sermonette

Shannon Allwine sings special music

Danielle Howie


Our cooks Tom Peine and Bill Ennis

Eric Shabie and Michael

Jonathan McClure explaining some of the rules

Digging for clues

Fishing for clues

Ken Zahora showing enthusiasm for hearty breakfast